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Steve Jobs changed the world with the role he played in nearly every Apple product ever released. Analysts are claiming that the last project Steve Jobs is iPhone 4S.

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The online conversation about the Occupy Wall Street movement turned global over the weekend as protesters provided live Twitter updates, photos and videos. has been Killed because of DDoS attacks

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Internet users since the last two days might not have time to visit a number of prominent sites. Even to this day, blogs are located at still can not be opened in Indonesia.

This caused the death of WordPress server because of DDos attacks (distributed denial of service). In a statement, Wordpress stated that the attack traffic to their data centers reach several Gigabits per second and sending millions of packets per second. No half-hearted, three data centers WordPress property in Chicago, San Antonio, and Dalla, the U.S. down by it.

This event not only causes the web address not accessible, but also make about 25 million Internet sites and blogs address the expected use service could not be accessed. Including leading media sites like TechCrunch and the Financial Post that get premium service.

The attack has happened twice. First on Thursday (03/03/2011) morning and had time to stop the service for about three hours. Service was back to normal, before it was hit by a second attack on Friday (03/04/2011) morning U.S. time or Saturday afternoon. The second attack can be solved within one hour. However, the service has not fully recovered to be accessed from all countries.

From China

"This is the largest and peling deadly attacks that we hadapai in the six-year history of our trip. We suspect it is based on political motives to silence the blogs that do not speak English, but we are still investigating and have not confirmed the exact cause," wrote Matt Mullenweg , founder of Wordpress in an email reported by PCWorld.

According to Mullenweg one of the targeted attack is the address of the Chinese-language blog using Wordpress. Aamat daam blog also includes a list of blocked Baidu's Internet search service in China. WordPress does not know what the reason for the blog address to be targets of attacks and would not release his identity before the mitigation is completed.

"The majority of attacks coming from China (98 percent) and less from Japan and Korea," Mullenweg said, as reported by TechCrunch.

Usually such attacks take advantage of botnets or programs that have infected many computers in different parts of the world. Performer enable thousands of programs from a distance and ordered to menmbanjiri traffic a site at the same time to not be able to process so down.
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