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Steve Jobs changed the world with the role he played in nearly every Apple product ever released. Analysts are claiming that the last project Steve Jobs is iPhone 4S.

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The online conversation about the Occupy Wall Street movement turned global over the weekend as protesters provided live Twitter updates, photos and videos.

Facebook Hold Skype Provide Video Chat

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Facebook lovers, get ready for the more pampered. This social networking next week will launch a platform of "video chat" with Skype support.

TechCrunch reports said the team up in Seattle, the United States was behind the preparation of the new features. Indeed there has been no official confirmation from Skype and Facebook about this. But Ben Parr of Friday (07/01/2011) when America declared that "video chat" on Facebook is now "confirm" to be released next week.

Indeed, this is not the first time we hear "video chat" with the power of Skype on Facebook. Rumor has it actually been heard since last year, but have not been realized.

Facebook has a serious partnership, which integrates Facebook social media data directly into the Skype client. This is what will happen to Facebook and Skype in the near future.

Then how the partnership will work? Is there a need to download software? Will this support group "video chat" this? If this is realized, no doubt, this will be a great addition to the Facebook platform.

Google + reportedly will feature a group of "video chat", Google + Hangouts. Google will look to have many features. But if Facebook released products "video chat" this next week, Google + Hangouts may not seem as revolutionary step again.

've Imagined it fun friends chat while looking at faces directly? Let's wait up for this latest move (Source from Mashable).
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